Carl Hupp Project


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Carl has appeared on the following releases.

Carl Hupp Project   This World
(2020 Release)

Carl Hupp Project   Transient View
(2017 Release)

A Tribute To Santana   Guitars Dancing In The Light
(2010 Release,  Mellow Records)
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Carl Hupp Project   Toussaint L'Overture
(2007 Release,  Limited Edition Single)

Carl Hupp Project   Live At Orion
(2006 Release)

To Barbara Perez With Love and Music
(2005 Release,  3 Disc Set)

Carl Hupp Project   Hyper Statue
(2004 Release)

Ben Sherman  First Light
(1997 Release)
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Music Monthly Music (Volume One)
(1997 Release, Out of print)

Great Train Robbery  (1984-1992)
(1992 Release, Out of print)