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Carl Robert Hupp was born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 2, 1962. He started playing drums at age 5 and aspired to be a jazz drummer. His favorite drummers are Buddy Rich and Bill Bruford from Yes. He has played with over 20 bands in the Maryland area since 1980. Carl, working under the title The Carl Hupp Project, has written and produced four original CD's, Hyper Statue featuring Tony Levin from King Crimson, Live at Orion, Transient View, and This World. His last two CD's , Transient View and This World, features Carl's multi-instrumental exploration into electronic world music in which he plays all the instruments. Carl is currently a freelance drummer, he also plays with The Rich Mascari Band, Rick Olaguer & The Dos and he is the bass player with The Filthy Mittens and The Filthy Experience.